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We are building a house. It has been fascinating to watch the workers prepare the site for the foundation; rough in the electrical and plumbing; pour the concrete; frame the walls; and weather in the structure. Because we designed the house specifically for our needs, have chosen everything from door knobs to wall colors, and have seen the progress on a regular basis, we are confident of what it will look like when finished.

When I was pregnant, I had a vision of how my child might look based on the physical characteristics of my family and Jerry’s family. Yes, Marcus has blue eyes, and if he lets his hair grow long it does curl, but the red hair we thought he had inherited from my dad gradually turned to light brown. Unlike a home, it’s harder to predict what our children will be like inside. What I do know though is that whether it be a home or a child, what is visible to the eye is not nearly as important as the strength of the foundation on which both sit.

When I visit with parents looking at the Day School for their children, I am often asked how our school compares to others, both public and private. I can only tell them what I know about who we are. We are a community of faith small enough to have an intimate relationship with our families; we laugh and cry together, and in private and public, offer each other support through actions and prayer. Teachers and Assistants serve as educational guides here – they prepare the environment so that it provides stimulating learning experiences for our students. They observe students closely to determine what the students understand while continually posing additional challenges to push their thinking further. We delight in reporting and celebrating a child’s success, but are also honest enough to lovingly discuss concerns we have about a child’s behavior or learning style. Community service projects are not seasonal; our young students embrace the belief that it is important to love one another at all times. This is truly a safe place for children to learn, acquire a real understanding of give-and-take, and grow into the person that God created them to be. This school is as close to home as your child will probably find. And, of all the things you could give your child, few are as valuable as they time they will spend here.

My prayer for us in this season of light is that we will work together, shoulder to shoulder, to support the School’s mission of encouraging the development of the whole child. And if we do, the foundation and framework that makes “our” children who they are as individuals will support them in the future through their most difficult emotional and intellectual challenges and greatest temptations.

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