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Kitchen Guild

The All Saints’ Kitchen Guild was established in October 2010. Its mission is to facilitate cleanliness and safe food-handling by the many kitchen users. The Kitchen Guild strives to make the kitchen user-friendly while at the same time maintaining its guidelines.

The Kitchen Guild’s membership consists of at least one member of the Building and Grounds Committee and a representative from each user group. Currently, twenty All Saints’ groups are represented on the Guild including Facilities Director Marvin Jones who represents the staff. To ensure parish-wide responsibility and oversight of our kitchen with built-in accountability, an Inspector General will provide for supervision along with four Kitchen Captains selected from the membership.

The supervisory positions are filled by the ad hoc Kitchen Committee:
Inspector General: Alan Stewart 512.797.1732 or alan190e@gmail.com
Kitchen Captains: Mark Ball 512.450.1523 or MEBL3@yahoo.com
Ruth Ann Lostracco 512.474.5228 or ralostracco@austin.rr.com
Mike McChesney 512.458.1862 or mike@roseproperties.com
Patti Woolery-Price 512.476.7643 or pattiwoo@aol.com

Service Times

(Choirs on break during Summer)