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Children’s Chapel

Children’s Chapel is offered at both the 9:00 and 11:30 a.m. worship services. All children who wish to attend Children’s Chapel are asked to come to the Church with their parents, family members, or friends and find a seat. Children’s Activity Sheets are available at the back entrance for children as they wait. When the church bell is rung, 3 year olds through 2nd Graders join the cross procession as it makes its way down the center aisle. The children together with the All Saints’ Chapel Ministers proceed out of the church to the Chapel of the Holy Spirit which is located downstairs in the Gregg House. The children return to church during the passing of The Peace and are reunited with their families and friends. For more information concerning the Nursery or Children’s Chapel, please contact The Rev. Mike Adams at 512-476-3589, ext. 104, or mike@allsaints-austin.org or The Rev. Cynthia Caruso at 512-476-3589, ext. 110, or cynthia@allsaints-austin.org

The tradition of the Episcopal Church is to welcome all who are baptized to receive communion – no matter what age! Parents should, of course, be responsible for determining how and when their child receives the bread and the wine that is offered. Children may receive the bread in their hands, eat the wafer, and then sip the wine from the chalice when it’s offered; or children may receive the bread in their hands and then dip the wafer (“intinction”) into the wine (taking care not to dip their fingers in the wine); or children may receive “in one kind” taking only the bread in their hands and then crossing their arms over their chest when the chalice passes indicating they are not receiving the wine; or children may cross their arms in front of their chests to receive a blessing. We invite all children to join us at the altar rail at communion time – even if not receiving the bread or wine. Children will be discussing in their Sunday Morning programs the symbols and the meaning of the Eucharistic Meal. Fr. Mike or Fr. Phil are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your child and communion.
The Rev. Mike Adams at 512-476-3589 ext 104, or mike@allsaints-austin.org, or The Rev. Phil Nazro 512-476-3589 ext 106, or phil@allsaints-austin.org or The Rev. Cynthia Caruso at 512-476-3589, ext. 110, or cynthia@allsaints-austin.org

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