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Children’s Chapel

All Saints' Lighthouse - Children and Youth Ministries at All Saints'

Children's Chapel is a meaningful program of Bible-based music, movement and stories. Children’s Chapel is offered for Pre-K to 2nd grade children during the 10:30 am worship service.

At the end of Sunday School, children move with Children's Chaplains from Sunday School, through the Sunday School pick-up area in the north lobby of Gregg House, and on to the Chapel of the Holy Spirit for Children's Chapel. The Chapel of the Holy Spirit is located on the lower level in northeast corner of Gregg House.

The children are guided through a Bible story, songs and games, and end with some play time on the playground. The Chaplains lead the children back to their families in the Sanctuary at the exchange of the Peace, just before the Eucharist begins.

If your child did not attend Sunday School, they are welcome to participate in Children's Chapel. If you arrive at or before 10:20, take your child to the north lobby of Gregg House, where they can meet the Children's Chaplains and move with the group to the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. At or after 10:30 please take your child directly to the Chapel of the Holy Spirit. The Chapel of the Holy Spirit is located on the lower level in northeast corner of Gregg House; use the wooden door that faces 29th Street.

If you have questions or need directions, please ask a member of the All Saints' Lighthouse team (wearing Lighthouse buttons) at All Saints' on Sunday, or contact The Rev. Cynthia Caruso - 512-476-3589 x110, cynthia@allsaints-austin.org.

Children at Communion

The tradition of the Episcopal Church is to welcome all who are baptized to receive communion – no matter what age! Parents choose how and when their child receives the bread and the wine.

We invite all children to join us at the altar rail at communion – even if not receiving the bread and wine. There are four options for how to participate:

  • Receive the bread in your hands, eat the wafer, and then sip the wine from the chalice
  • Receive the bread in your hands and then dip the wafer into the wine
  • Receive only the bread and cross your arms over your chest when the chalice passes to indicate you are not receiving wine
  • Cross your arms over of your chest to indicate your are not receiving bread or wind and receive a blessing

Our clergy are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding your child and communion.

The Rev. Mike Adams at 512-476-3589 x104, mike@allsaints-austin.org
The Rev. Cynthia Caruso at 512-476-3589 x110, cynthia@allsaints-austin.org

Service Times

(Choirs on break during Summer)