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Episcopal Youth   Community - EYC

EYC stands for Episcopal Youth Community. It is designed for those in the 6th through 12th Grades.

One way we like to think of our youth community is “a place for a young person to grow into themselves in Christian community.” Not all of our events are religious; some are just for fun; but all are in the company of others on the Christian path.

We believe that youth group can be one of the most important groups a young person belongs to. For six years we travel together through that sometimes very tough gauntlet called middle school and high school. We create a safe space to talk about our lives, consider spiritual matters, or live out our baptismal covenant. And we include as much just plain fun as we can. Looking backward, a graduating senior will remember trips, movies, mountaintop experiences, goofiness, supportive friends, involved adult friends, and all the tasks and adventures a youth group specializes in.

At All Saints, we have weekly gatherings on Sunday evenings. We do the occasional service project. We bless our pets on St. Francis' Day, we carol at Christmas, we learn what we need to learn to be confirmed in the faith, we have a mission trip, movie nights, game nights, times to sing, attend Camp Allen events, host the Mardi Gras party, have lock-ins and retreats, and more.

On the typical Sunday, J-EYC (for middle schoolers) will begin at 4 and go to 6. Usually they bring $5 for food and are always encouraged to bring friends. Regular EYC (for Senior High) begins at 5 and goes to 7. There is a time in the middle—5 to 6—where we all eat together and play some games until the J-EYC leave and Senior high have their own program.

At the first of each year, starting near back to school time, we have a The Quest, a four week program just for 6th graders to sort of prepare them to be a part of the youth group. They have an adventure and bond into their own little group.

The Youth Program at All Saints' includes many ministries. EYC is the evening group-type event. There is Sunday school on Sunday mornings between 10:25 and 11:25. This year we will launch the praiseworthy youth curriculum called Journey to Adulthood for our Sunday morning classes. Look them up here http://leaderresources.org/j2a to learn more about it.

And check us out on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/All-Saints-EYC/235183933178911

The All Saints' Acolyte program is the shining star for All Saints' youth and worship. Acolytes learn to serve with grace and precision at our worship services. They have fun fund-raising projects so that they are all able to attend the National Acolyte Festival every year. (See Acolytes)

Junior Daughters of the King is part of a national organization of prayer and service. They meet one Saturday a month. (See Jr. Daughters of the King)

For EYC Mission trips - Download Medical Release and Consent Form Here.

To check out Youth activities at Camp Allen go to:

To check out Youth activities in the Diocese of Texas go
to: www.epicenter.org/edot/Youth.asp?SnID=685113364

To check out the UN Millennium Development Goals:

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