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The All Saints’ Acolyte program functions as a component of our youth ministry along with Sunday School and the EYC. Acolyting presents a visible and tangible way that the youth serve the parish as well as a way that they participate in stewardship­ by offering their time and talent.

The acolyte program at All Saint’s is philosophically part of our youth ministry. Acolytes rotate among four acolyte roles and among our two Sunday services. Acolytes, thus, have an opportunity to serve as Crucifer/Altar Server, Gospel Server, Gospel Torch, and Epistle Torch, as well as participate in Rite I and Rite II services. With this approach, we seek to instill in the youth that all roles at the altar are important and that serving your parish when it needs you represents true service.

We do just-in-time on-the-job training. New acolytes review and rehearse their roles 20-30 minutes before their Sunday morning service, focusing on what to do and how to serve with the appropriate decorum and posture.

Acolyte Sponsors support the acolyte program (1) by ensuring teams are ready before services and (2) by assisting with acolyte training. Additionally, sponsors facilitate rapport and communication with other groups who serve at the altar.Sponsors get on-the-job training also so no previous acolyting experience is necessary.

Fundraisers are held periodically to subsidize some costs of the trip to the National Acolyte Festival. We take advantage of our location by offering the church parking lot for the UT home football games asking for freewill donations.

We welcome all parishioners to become involved with the Acolyte ministry, especially youth of acolyting age (11+ years old) and their parents. We are ready to help you serve in this ministry.

CONTACT: Patricia Goubil-Gambrell 512.751.5723 or pgg@utexas.edu

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(Choirs on break during Summer)