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The Front Porch

The Front Porch is a non-profit mission of All Saints’ that brings people together from all over Austin to think, talk, and create with one another through art, music, cultural programs, food, and service to the community.

While currently hosting events at various venues across town, including All Saints’, The Front Porch plans to develop its own “community cultural center” that can generate revenue as a café/coffee shop with micro-brews and juice bar, a co-working facility, an event rental space, and commissary kitchen.

This space will be dedicated to beautifully curated programs and presentations every day of the week. There will be performances by acclaimed Austin musicians and TED-style talks from leading thinkers and authors. There will be poetry and story slams, dinner theatre, film festivals, open mic nights, salon-style conversations, bible studies, and book clubs. There will be youth jam bands, improv comedy, writer’s workshops, and so much more.

In effect, The Front Porch offers a unique, practical solution to the problem of building civil community in a pluralistic, secular, postmodern culture. It intends to promote civil engagement through dialogue in a hospitable public setting. By promoting the fruitful conversation and genuine creativity that happens best in a profoundly diverse, public context, The Front Porch offers the chance for people from differing viewpoints—religious and secular—to challenge, learn from, and encourage one another.

Check out the website: www.frontporchaustin.org or the Facebook page that can be accessed through the website to learn more and become a partner.


Service Times

(Choirs on break during Summer)