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Rehearsals are for reviewing and practicing how the wedding was planned, not for deciding how it is to be done. Rehearsals that tend to become involved with planning or negotiating are usually not productive and can become very time consuming. Rehearsals are scheduled in consultation with the priest who will officiate at the wedding. Rehearsals begin when all involved in the service are present (e.g. bride, groom, maid/matron of honor, best man, ushers, attendants, readers, parents of bride and groom). The priest, who is primarily responsible for your wedding, will be in charge of the rehearsal. The use of professional wedding directors or consultants is not permitted at the rehearsal. The All Saints' Wedding Coordinator or her authorized associate will be on hand to aid in the proceedings. Oh, and because the All Saints' staff often has additional plans for the evening of the rehearsal we do request that all participants be encouraged to be on time. And, please bring the marriage license to the rehearsal. The signing of the license and church documents is not part of the service. In order not to have to worry about that after the wedding, all (except the priest) will sign at the beginning of the rehearsal.

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