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As a sacramental rite of the Church, your wedding is first and foremost to be a worship experience in which all in attendance are participating, and it is not to be viewed as simply a “play” or something “to watch.” Understandably, you, your family & your friends will want pictures of your wedding and will cherish them. Therefore, in trying to maintain the reverence of the solemn rite and the desire to “capture” the moment on film, All Saints’ requires that certain rules and guidelines be followed:

1. One professional still photographer with an assistant, if desired, may take pictures…

a. Of the rehearsal.
b. Of the preliminaries and preparations before the service. This normally occurs in the dressing or waiting areas, parish hall, and/or yard. Photo sessions in the church prior to the service require the wedding party to be dressed 60 minutes before the service. All such pictures must be completed 30 minutes before the start of the service. And, please note that early access for the photographer to the dressing and waiting areas or church for pictures must be coordinated with Wedding Coordinator.
c. Of the seating of grandmothers & mothers upon their entering the church; the bridal party upon their entering the church; the bride and her escort upon their entering the church.
d. Of the bride and groom leaving the church.

e. Immediately following the service back in the church of any re-enactments or groupings that are desirable. We do request that any pictures after the service that will include the priest be taken first. Photo sessions in the church following the service should normally take 15 minutes, and in no case exceed 30 minutes.

NO photos by your photographer or by family members or anyone are permitted AT ANY TIME during the service. Ushers will be asked to kindly remind guests at the door to take no pictures inside the church until after the mothers have been escorted out and the postlude concludes.

2. Concerning Videography…

All Saints’ will allow a stationary video camera on a stand or “tri-pod” on the side at the front of the nave or at the front of the Church next to the Baptismal Font. However, they are not to be “manned.” They will need to be set up before the service begins, and placement must be approved.

NO hand-held cameras, cell-phone cameras, or any “roaming videographer” is permitted at any time during the service. Such may be utilized as per “1.a or 1.b” above only. No extra lighting is permitted.

An insert is available at the Church for the photographer of your choice detailing these guidelines.

Service Times

(Choirs on break during Summer)