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Because a church wedding is a service of worship, the music chosen is to proclaim and exemplify the Christian understanding of marriage, particularly respecting the usual piety and practice of All Saints’ Episcopal Church. As we have already stated, marriage is a Sacrament of the Church, therefore musical selections should be appropriate to the solemnity of the occasion. And, as a Sacrament, the marriage is not simply an expression of the love of two individuals, but rather it is the outward sign of the Church’s hope that two may become one as a sign of God’s Kingdom in this world. Our general “rule of thumb,” if you will, is this: if you are not likely to hear it in our church on Sunday, then it is probably not appropriate for your wedding.

Gergory Eaton serves as the All Saints’ Organist/Choirmaster, and as a staff member of this church Gregory has oversight of all music, including weddings. Therefore, all musical selections are to be made in consultation with him. You may contact Gregory at 512-476-3589, ext. 118, or .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). After your wedding at All Saints’ has been approved, please arrange your meeting with Gregory no later than 30 days before the service. However, three months in advance is strongly recommended! During your consultation with Gregory you will discuss: an overview of the music you want (to include the use of extra musicians such as a singer, trumpet player, violinist, etc., if applicable); where vocal or instrumental music is appropriate during the service; suggestions for and selection of music that will be used; and additional fees, if applicable.

Should Gregory be unavailable, he will find an appropriate replacement. If another organist is asked to play in lieu of the available All Saints’ organist and he/she is approved by Gregory to play, the fee for the All Saints' organist must still be paid. If additional musicians or a soloist are to be involved, they (and their instruments) must be approved by Gregory, and are subject to the Church’s restrictions, requirements, and additional fees.

Furthermore, please note that All Saints’ does not permit the playing of Mendelssohn’s Wedding March or Wagner’s Bridal Chorus. In addition, since the Lord’s Prayer occurs within the Order of Service, it is typically not sung by a soloist

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