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The Wedding Coordinator must approve all decorations.

The altar and the altar cross is the focal point of the church. Nothing may be used which will obstruct the view of the altar cross or detract attention from it. The sanctuary is that portion of the church that is enclosed by the altar rail. No persons other than clergy, acolytes, or members of the altar guild ever go unescorted into the sanctuary. Therefore, the flowers for the altar are to be delivered to the sacristy and a member of the altar guild will place them on the altar. No decoration other than altar flowers is permitted behind the altar rail.

Flowers for the altar must be delivered to the sacristy by 9:00 on the morning of the wedding. Please note: Flowers must conform to the size that is appropriate for our space. They may not be taller than 29 inches. The liners suitable for our vases are available to the florist any day of the week prior to the wedding. The florist should call the church office in advance and make arrangements with Mona Myers, All Saints’ Sexton/Facilities Director, for picking up the liners. An insert is provided for the florist of your choice detailing the rules and directions. If you do not have a florist selected, ask our Wedding Coordinator about the church’s florist.

Bridal party flowers should be delivered no later than 2 hours before the start of the service, or they may be delivered at the time the altar flowers are delivered. We have a large walk-in refrigerator for storage.

Additional decorations:
Remember, All Saints’ is a historic, sacred space. Pew bows are permitted on the end of the designated family pews only. They must be secured by floral clamps, so do not use tape, wire, or glue. There are no other decorations permitted in the church. Approach rails at the entrance doors may be decorated if desired, and a small vase of flowers may be put on the table in the narthex. No other flowers are permitted in the church.

A seven-branch candelabra set will be provided for the wedding, and we have six sconces hung from beams that may be used for weddings. Use of the candle sconces do require an additional fee to be paid to the Sexton/Facilities Director, and they must be handled by her only.

Service Times

(Choirs on break during Summer)